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twoinchtallman Male, 42, Single
Sense of humor, like to laugh,travel and meet other likeminded people.
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Darenalia Female, 16, Single
My name is Sabrina.
I am 16 years old. I am from Indonesia.
I would love to improve my English and make new friends.
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Bulvar Male, 27, Single
I am nice and sociable, I like to write big messages (although so far only in my native language) and to exchange music tracks. I am interested in interior design and modern art.
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Geoff6 Male, 70, Married
I spend most of my day at the computer, I design databases. I would like to combine my work with a little play. So, ladies, let's get e-mailing.
My interests are mostly technical.
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Brian110 Male, 43, Single
I am open minded and curious. Tell me about yourself. I will consider postal penpals, too. I am into reading, writing, movies, music, fine art, theatre, cooking... bwv69 (YAHOO)
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ISHIKA Male, 36, Single
Hello,I'm study English every day. But English is difficult . I want to can speak and write a English and want to talk around world people!
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shieken Male, 32, Single
Hi everyone. I'm Korean but living US for a long time. I've been in the Army, was a tutor and teacher, and now going to professional school. If you're interested write me: red.joint at ya hoo (dot)com
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AnnabellaAnnette Female, 34, Single
I am looking for native speaking of English, who is ready talk to me.
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Herwig Male, 60, Widowed
About INTERESTS. See below... Do U share some ? Then, I like to find real TOMBOY female pals (with strong-muscular build) WHO ??
Good regular writers... I do email, but snailmail is preferred afterwards (if we know more about each other)

Interests: I name a few: architecture, arts- crafts, garden/landscape architecture, nature, botanics, politics/history, cultures... JAPAN, transcultural cooking, walk- hike, outdoors ... etc.

I am NOT here to marry anyone, nor to fetch you immigration visa for Europe!!! If you are aiming after that: GO AWAY, get a life !!! This is a PENPAL site!

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Patrick58 Male, 39, Single
Hi..I am a very shy boy who is impairment of hearing, but loves to write letters in english, and Hope to find good friends here. brInterest: Music,gardening relaxing and more....;-)

I am not interested of to marry me with somebody.. thanks...
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