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Mahmud45 Male, 50, Married
I am a nice and good temper man,with
high.ppublic relations.
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Jad123 Male, 39, Single
Hello ! My name is Jad and am 39 years old.I come from Morocco and live in a city called Casablanca.I am a modest man.I am looking for some good friends on this site.
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Jeroen64 Male, 57, Married
Hoping to find an email-friend to exchange thoughts and daily life experiences. I'm a calm and technical kind of person. I already found the love of my life so I'm looking for pen-pals only!
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Firewater Male, 47, Single
I am a 47 years young man from Glasgow. Employed in telecommunications I am a happy and clean living man seeking to expand his social circle.
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Aleksandra2 Female, 48, Married
I have just discovered that friends are what I need :-) . The more the better ! I am open, tolerant person, eager to get to know people of different background, language and culture.
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Nataly1979 Female, 36, Single

i am basically a honest, caring, loving and faithful lady, i like to be devoted with my man when i am in a relation, i am a family oriented woman.
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nithinvasu Male, 31, Single
I am looking a lasting Friendship. it would be nice if you talk about your life. I am kind, cool, friendly, humors man.
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rezavery Male, 44, Married
i am ''mohammad reza shokouhi rad''
i am married.i am for friendship here. i am looking for job in '' europa or america or canada ''
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orion Male, 43, Single
Hey, let's be friends!! People say my best qualities are I'm very kind and love to help people, friends with anyone!! I like travel, especially road trips, exploring different areas and having fun. Al
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CoolandCalmOne Male, 45, Single
I am a single, fun-loving (whenever possible), active, intellectually curious and inquisitive male who seeks stimulating and ongoing conversation, information exchange, and friendship with pen friends in countries around the world. I am tall, slender, brown-haired and blue-eyed, and college-educated with a variety of interests, such as: music; cinema (U.S. and worldwide); literature; theater; art; exercise and physical fitness; photography; travel; broadminded and open correspondence; and developing new interests whenever possible. One last note: I am looking for long-term, ongoing correspondence.
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