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diki30 Male, 21, Single
I am a simple person, and I like to be friends with new people from different countries. I really like photography and traveling, as this will make myself more freedom of expression and issue any prob
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yuki26 Male, 65, Single
I am learnning English on Internet and searching for good friend.
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Christina9389 Female, 23, Single
One poet said that the language of friendship is not words but meanings. It doesnít really matter if you speak different languages. So, donít hesitate and write me a message!
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Ari23 Male, 18, Single
I hope we become friends.
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saloum Female, 30, Single
I am a man very hansom and hones i want to have a woman hansom and hones
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syifah Female, 19, Single
Assalamu'alaikum, I am a jovial girl, easy to get along. I am looking for pen pals and want to learn your language and culture. I hope we become mutual friends and I hope you can get to know my cultur
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NatachaA3 Female, 27, Single
Hey all you out there.
I'm not single!!! But on this page you can't click 'in a relationship' and I once tried choosing 'married' and people just went crazy! But get to know me :)
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indahA Female, 19, Single
hi i'm indah. i'm a collage student.
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dennisjjagwe Male, 22, Single
Im Dennis Jjagwe and from Uganda...
Just need to find friends from all parts of the world and learn about different cultures...
Im studying a degree in Telecommunications Engineering.
I like programming especially PHP and technology especially IOT though im not yet into IOT...
Im free to every body, caring and loving..
I give alot of respect to people and some say that I fear them and other that Im shy..
If you become close to me i will always make you happy and laugh..
I will be happy if you write to me and Im waiting....
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chapopo Male, 31, Single
My name is Yasu. I'm 31 year old japanese male. I enjoy skiing,watching DVDs,hotspring,....
I'm looking for people talking about anything from all over the world. I am interested in other cultures. It doesnít matter if you are male or female, age or where you are from.
I have msn messenger and Skype. We can chat and speak to on them as well.
Thanks for reading. Hope to talk to you soon!
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