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Penpal Page Collection

To help you make more friends, we collected many other penpal pages for you. Try to visit those pages and join them if you like. :-) Wish you make many new friends!

General Penpal/Dating Services
2ofaKind Online
Foreign Correspondent
Online Personals - Jebba.com
Penpal Paradise
friend SHACK
Trent's World (Penpals)
My Friendz Link (New)
LDS Friends Worldwide
Penpals Now!
Peli's Pen Pals
Penpals Pinboard
Pen Pals From Prison
Sassociations Penpals
Love Compass (New)
bbsa PENPALS (New)
ePalsConnect.com (New)
Penpal Gate (New)

Girls Internationally Writing Letters
Girl's World Pen Pal Spectacular
Kids' Space Penpals
Student Letter Exchange
Ryan's Teenage Pen Pal Page

Religious PenPal Services
Christian Connection

Postal PenPal Only Services
Elite Club Letterbox USA

Commercial PenPal Services
E-Mail Club
International Penfriends
International Penfriends
Service for Prisoners
International Friend Sheet
New Zealand Connections
Fun Line Singles
ePAL Classroom Exchange
Student Letter Exchange
Signal Penpal Magazine
The Email Club
The Friendship Register
Dating World
Helena's Exotic Mailing Service

Other Resources
SinglePark - Dating Directory
Internet Card Central
Andrew's Home Page
The Kids on the Web: Pen Pals
Special Friend Cards
All Info About Penpalling
Mail Order Bride Guide (New)
Language Tutoring (New)
Pen Pal Expressions (formerly TMSK)
Friends' Health Connection
Internet Friends(123greetings.com)
TarjetasDeAmistad.net (E-Card)
123friendship.com (E-Card)

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